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If Nick Drake and Davey Graham had been Syd Barrett’s brothers and a fourth sibling had access to a time-travelling record player with the albums of Michael Hedges and Radiohead, it’s just possible his music would sound like Stuart Masters’…
Stuart Masters combines Western and Indian Classical, Folk and Celtic influences, with contemporary percussive techniques, to create a unique, hybrid style of guitar playing and song writing. Having been invited to perform across the globe from Shanghai to Austin and even recording a Hindi Music video in North India, his creative approach to the instrument involves the 12 String Harp Guitar (an early 20th Century American instrument), using a hammer to strike the strings, a double-handed fretboard technique and live looping. 
 “Spellbinding” - Acoustic Magazine (UK). 
“an emerging acoustic master” R2 Magazine
“an orchestra of sounds from just one guitar” - Daylight Music (UK)
"superb arrangement and beautiful guitar playing" - Crispian Mills (Kula Shaker)

Stuart uses Swannell Guitars, DR Strings, K&K Pure Mini pickups, Seymour Duncan MagMic pickups, G7th Capos, The Engle (available for purchase in ‘Store’), the Fret-King Elise JE, and Journey Travel Instruments.
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